We are constantly working for the construction of our future generations with our experienced and modern educational institutions, which we have carefully selected and established. In this rapid flow, where it is not enough to catch up with the era, we teach how to use technology and science as the right tool to raise individuals with foresight for the future, while enabling our clubs to develop their social life skills, get to know and express themselves closely, through their activities. While meeting the requirements of the education system of which we are a part, we are not satisfied with this, and we prepare our students for the future with a versatile education approach that is open to exploration and experience. Young people who are conscious of creating their status are raised in the Doğru Statü Education Campuses.


Raising Individuals Who Look to the Future with Confidence

As Doğru Statü Educational Institutions; We consider each of our students as great potential and undertake the mission of preparing a strong infrastructure both academically and socially. We take our students to explore with various activities from many sports and cultural fields so that they can get to know themselves better. With the Professional coaching of our education staff, we evaluate their choices, offer opportunities to develop their skills, and create roadmaps for them. By supporting their choices with experience, we enable them to increase their knowledge and experience.


Learning by Trial, Error, Finding theTruth

We believe that the modern understanding of education has a great impact on the speed and sustainability of learning. With a participatory education approach, we develop methods and practices that make our students the stakeholders of the learning process. We offer the student the opportunity to try, fail, and learn by doing the right thing again. For this reason, we care about the activities of our social clubs as much as the academic life on our campuses. When they graduate, we aim to make them individuals who have interests, knowledge, and experience, are versatile, successful in expressing themselves, and are happy because they know themselves closely.


Being the Raiser of Generations Who Have Created Their Status

We have the vision to see the Doğru Statü Educational Institutions as a brand that has proven in its educational institutions that the changes that will enable the transformation of society are applicable and sustainable. We work with all our staff with the awareness of being an educational institution that develops its understanding of education and reveals this understanding with its methods. Our biggest goal is that the generations we raise consist of individuals who have the competencies appropriate to the requirements of the age, who are virtuous, happy, and who have determined their status.

In our institution; Educators who are experts in their fields, who follow new education and training methods, who have caught the spirit of the group with seminar studies, who are experienced and who have participated in teacher development studies given by the institution, who use their formational knowledge with the consultancy system, work.
While keeping the education at the highest level with our exam preparation and school assistance programs, weal so offers guidance services according to the age groups of the students. Our counseling unit provides Professional support to our students and parents in the areas of adolescent behaviors, study techniques and programs, personal development, and educational coaching.
The headquarters and branch buildings of our institution are entirely for our use, and our security guards prevent students from leaving the building during class hours. After the parent of the student who wants to leave the institution due to an excuse is called and informed, the necessary procedures are carried out by the administrative unit. The parent of the student who does not attend the class and does not take the exam is informed by calling or sending a message to the parent.
Original publications prepared by our teachers, who are among our experienced staff, based on their previous experiences, are given to our students as supportive publications. Trial exams, on the other hand, are made with original questions prepared by our teachers, and in support of the exams, Turkey-wide trials are also applied.


Since 2006, we have contributed to everyone we can reach in and around Buca, with an effective program at almost every level and in a friendly corporate environment. In return for these efforts, we have gained the appreciation of you, our esteemed stakeholders. While this alone is enough to make us happy, we have preferred to share all our experiences with you and continue to increase them.

Throughout all these processes, we have seen achieving a success level that is well above the average not only as our effort but also as successes that have been realized hand in hand with the determination and effort of our esteemed companions.

As Doğru Statü Educational Institutions, we embarked on our journey by taking your trust with us;

With an ethical, principled, and reliable education approach that is constantly learning and developing, under the guidance of our successful and experienced teaching staff, our student-centered and interactive education programs, our contemporary and original teaching model, our science education for a sustainable future, in our qualified learning environments structured per the digital age. we train individuals with global life values through our works and projects.

In line with our principle of love, trust, and success, we always feel the support of our parents while teaching.

Hope our paths cross...

SEVİL DOĞRU Head of the Board of Management Turkish Language and Literature Teacher